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There are many sports magazines on the market today. These sports magazines are great for finding latest news and information about the sports you like.

Top sports magazines

  • Sports Illustrated magazine Sports Illustrated

    New York based sports magazine owned by media conglomerate Time Warner. The magazine features articles on NBA, MLB, College Football, NASCAR, Golf, Boxing, College Basketball, Horse Racing, Soccer, Tennis, and more.

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  • ESPN sports magazine ESPN

    Sports magazine published by the ESPN sports network in the United States. ESPN magazine published bi-weekly contains articles about various sports including baseball, basketball, football, golf, soccer, tennis, and more.

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  • Sports Weekly magazine cover USA Today Sports Weekly

    A weekly publication of USA Today, the magazine featuring Baseball, Baseball, National Football League, and NCAA baseball.

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  • Sports Illustrated Kids magazine cover Sports Illustrated Kids (SI Kids)

    American monthly magazine for sports lovers ages 8 to 14.

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  • Sport Rider magazine cover Sport Rider

    A publication of Source Interlink, emphasizes performance, both in the motorcycle and in the rider. The Sport Rider magazine featuring articles on skills enhancement, technique, track tests, and rider training.

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  • Runner's World Sports magazine Runner's World

    Magazine for the runner's from beginner to advanced. Runner's World published by Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pennsylvania in the USA.

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  • Yachting Magazine Yachting magazine

    Monthly magazine based in New York City and published by Bonnier Corporation. The magazine covering sailing and powerboating.

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