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List of news magazines covering local and world news, politics, business, health care, travel information, latest events, and more.

Top news magazines

  • Time magazine TIME

    T-I-M-E stand for The International magazine of Events. Time is a weekly USA based news magazine also has European edition "Time Atlantic" published from London, Asian edition "Time Asia" based in Hong Kong, "South Pacific edition" based in Sydney, Australia.

  • The Economist magazine cover Economist

    Published by The Economist Newspaper Limited. The Economist is a leading weekly news magazine featuring current affairs, politics, special reports, daily news analysis, business, education, and more.

  • Harper's magazine cover Harper's magazine

    New York City based monthly magazine covering politics, culture, finance, literature, and arts. Harper's magazine was founded in 1850, it is one of the oldest continuously published monthly magazines in the United States.

  • Reason magazine cover Reason

    Magazine published 11 times annually by the Reason Foundation. Reason magazine based in Washington, DC.

  • The Weekly Standard magazine Weekly Standard

    Weekly political magazine published 48 times a year by News America Incorporated.

  • The Week magazine THE WEEK

    magazine features include national and international affairs, business, lifestyles, society, politics, and business.

  • National Review magazine National Review (NR)

    Biweekly news magazine based in New York City.

  • New York magazine New York

    Weekly general interest magazine covering lifestyle, culture, politics, travel, real estate, and more.

  • The Atlantic magazine Cover Atlantic

    Washington, DC based magazine, features articles on politics, foreign affairs, as well as a social trends, education, literature, book reviews, cultural trends, and arts.

  • Mother Jones magazine Cover Mother Jones (MoJo)

    Bimonthly magazine featuring investigative reporting on current affairs, politics, human rights, social justice, environment, and culture.

  • The Humor Times magazine Humor Times
  • Foreign Policy magazine Foreign Policy
  • Newsweek magazine Cover Newsweek

    Weekly news magazine published in New York City. Newsweek is one of the largest news weekly magazines. The magazine published by the Newsweek Daily Beast Company.

  • Beijing Review magazine Beijing Review
  • American Spectator magazine Cover American Spectator

    Arlington, Virginia based monthly magazine, featuring investigative reporting, book reviews, and analysis of current political, business, education, and cultural affairs.

  • BBC News - Magazine

  • American Conservative

  • American Prospect

  • Big News Network

  • Chronicles

  • Commentary

  • Harvard Political Review

  • Columbus Monthly

  • The New Republic

  • ‎Publishers Weekly

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