Hong Kong Newspapers : 香港報紙列表

An extensive list of Hong Kong newspapers including Oriental Daily News, Ming Pao, Sing Tao, Apple Daily, Hong Kong Economic Times and South China Morning Post.

Hong Kong newspapers and news sites

Hong Kong offers a rich selection of newspapers catering to readers in multiple languages, such as Chinese (both traditional and simplified characters) and English. Key Chinese-language newspapers include Apple Daily, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily News, and Sing Tao Daily. For English readers, prominent options are the South China Morning Post, The Standard, and Hong Kong Free Press.

Beyond traditional newspapers, Hong Kong is home to a variety of news websites and online portals that deliver content in both Chinese and English. These platforms meet the diverse needs of Hong Kong's multilingual population. Additionally, some digital media platforms in Hong Kong enhance their offerings with multimedia content and podcasts, appealing to a broader audience who enjoy engaging with their news in different formats.

This extensive media landscape ensures that whether you prefer reading in Chinese or English, or enjoying multimedia content, Hong Kong's news outlets provide comprehensive and accessible news coverage.

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