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List of popular kids magazines featuring games, funny jokes, quizzes, movies, advice, health, nutrition, fitness and more.

List of top kids magazines

American Girl Kids Magazine American Girl
Leading magazine in America for girls ages 8-12 published by American Girl company. American Girl featuring games, quizzes, movies, advice and more.

Boys' Life Magazine Boys' Life
Boy Scouts of America (BSA) magazine publish monthly. Targeted readership of Boys' Life magazine are young American boys between the ages of 6 and 18. The magazine covering online games, funny jokes, building projects, and more.

Kids Discover Magazine Cover Kids Discover
Monthly non-fiction magazine for children aged 6 to 12. The magazine covering a wide range of topics including Government, mathematics, science, geography, and history.

Go to Ask magazine Ask Magazine
Kids' magazine about science, history, games, puzzles, cartoons, inventors, and artists. Ask magazine published by Carus Publishing for kids ages 7 to 10 (grades 2 - 4).

Ladybug the magazine for young children Ladybug
Magazine for young children published by Cricket Magazine Group, also publishes BABYBUG for children ages 6 months to 3 years, LADYBUG for ages 3 to 6, SPIDER for ages 6 to 9, and CRICKET recommended for kids ages 9 to 14.

Highlights for Children Highlights for Children
Leading magazine for kids, was first published in 1946.

Discovery GirlsDiscovery Girls
Published 6 times per year for ages of 8 and 12 girls. The magazine contains articles about exceptional teens, sports, contests, quizzes, middle school challenges, inspiring stories, fashion and more.

National Geographic Kids MagazineNational Geographic Kids
Magazine for children ages 6 to 14 contains articles about entertainment, science, animals, technology, cultures, current events, and more.


FamilyFun Magazine CoverFamilyFun
The magazine published by Meredith Publishing and covering creative activities, celebrations, learning projects, travel, and clever ideas.

Zoobooks magazine Zoobooks
Evanston, Illinois based magazine published by Wildlife Education, Ltd.

Muse Magazine CoverMuse
Children's magazine based in Chicago, Illinois. The magazine published by Carus Publishing. The magazine covering science, history, space, genetics, arts, physics, math, and more.

Big Backyard Magazine CoverBig Backyard
Monthly magazine for preschoolers and children's ages 3 to 7.

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