Hungarian Newspapers | Magyar újságok

List of Hungarian newspapers for news and information on business, sports, entertainments, politics, jobs, education, lifestyles, travel, real estate, and more.

Hungarian daily newspapers

  • Blikk

    Hungarian daily newspaper based in Budapest.

  • Magyar Nemzet

    Leading Hungarian daily newspaper was founded in 1937.

  • Népszabadság

    Daily Hungarian-language newspaper based in Budapest. The newspaper owned by Swiss media company Ringier.

  • Nemzeti Sport

    Hungarian sports newspaper covering football, tennis, volleyball, baseball, basketball, and other sports.

  • Népszava

    Hungarian-language daily newspaper was founded in 1877.

  • Világgazdaság

    Hungarian business newspaper published by Axel Springer AG.

  • Vas Népe

    one of the top selling Hungarian newspapers based in Vas county. The newspaper published by Pannon Lapok Társasága.

Hungarian weekly newspapers

  • Budapest Times

    Hungary's English language newspapers covering sports, business, real estate, culture, tourism, and more.

  • Élet és Irodalom

    Weekly newspaper in Hungarian language covering politics and literature.

  • Figyelő

    Weekly newspaper published in Budapest by Media City Ltd. The newspaper featuring business, politics, economy, and more.

  • Heti Válasz

    Hungarian weekly newspaper featuring business, culture, lifestyles, stock market, travel, and more.

  • A Szabadság

    The newspaper published by Hungarian Communist Workers' Party (Magyar Kommunista Munkáspárt).

  • Szabad Föld

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